The Stories

Tristan's First Mt. Pulag Adventure: With Russell and Edward 
October 28-29, 2005

Nothing beats doing something for the first time, because you can never quite experience something that way again. Click here for the 1st blog post on Tristan's first Mt. Pulag Climb that gave birth to this blog. On that trip, Tristan was with his best friends Russell and Edward.

Tristan's 2nd Mt. Pulag Adventure: With the Royal Sinigang Mountaineers 
April 2006
On this trip, Tristan was with his friends from the Royal Sinigang Mountaineers - an informal outdoor group he created with friends from his former company. The group started with their first outdoor activity together, climbing the Taal Volcano during Tristan's 28th birthday. Since then, they hatched the plan to climb Mt. Pulag, training themselves along the way with runs (they did their first run at the 2nd Pasig River International Marathon), hikes to Gulugod Baboy in Batangas, and a trek at Bagsit River in Zambales. 

Tristan's 3rd Mt. Pulag Adventure: An U.B.E. Adventure 
August 16-18, 2008
This time, Tristan went with his friends JP, Chino and Gjay. It was Chino's goal to climb Mt. Pulag, and they were there to support him. It was a memorable adventure as they almost froze themselves to death :) on top of Mt. Pulag having ascended to the summit at so early in the morning at 2:30AM. It was raining, visibility was poor, temperature freezing, and they were just too early. BUT they survived and had so much memories to tell. Tristan wrote about that trip here.

Tristan's 4th Mt. Pulag Adventure: Christmas in the Mountains 
Dec. 27-29, 2010
It was a Christmas climb with people who would later be among the pioneering members of It was also Paolo's first Mt. Pulag climb; he is to be Tristan's co-founder of Because it was just 2 days after Christmas, weather was freezing. One of the highlights of the trip was the exchange gifts they did at the camp, complete with Santa hats. 

Tristan's 5th Mt. Pulag Adventure: A first 
Nov. 6-7, 2010
It was to be the first official Mt. Pulag climb as, since it was launched by Tristan and Paolo last September 11, 2010 in Coron, Palawan. The group was blessed with all the right things: a beautiful weather all-throughout, among the best sunrises at the summit, and a great company of friends.

Tristan's 6th Mt. Pulag Adventure: 2nd for 
Feb. 26-27, 2011
Less than 4 months from their last climb, Tristan and Paolo went yet again to Mt. Pulag with due to insistent public demand. Because of this blog, had been receiving many requests to climb Mt. Pulag, and since it is's advocacy to promote travel in the Philippines, we had to oblige. This was our coldest climb yet - experiencing 2 degrees at the summit. And visibility was poor at probably just 4 meters.

Tristan's 7th Mt. Pulag Adventure: 3rd for
Apr. 16-17, 2011
Unlike our February climb, we had great weather this time around and one of the best sunrises. We also had the biggest group so far - what with 2 big families coming with us. This is also the trip where we had both the youngest and the oldest participants we've ever been with - a 9-year old and a 69-year old - both of whom had no trouble at all during the climb.

Tristan's 8th Mt. Pulag Adventure: 4th for
June 11-12, 2011
This also proved to another great climb, as evidenced from the beautiful sunrise photos captured by our participants. Somebody from the April climb was celebrating her birthday close to the climb and treated the group to dinner at 50s Diner in Baguio (Thanks, Aipreel!). In this June climb, no one was celebrating, but we got our treat nevertheless from a generous participant (Thanks, Sir Frank!).

Tristan's 9th Mt. Pulag Adventure: 5th for 
Aug. 27-28, 2011
This is the climb where we didn't even make it to the summit. Actually, we didn't even make it to DENR! We were advised that weather was good in Mt. Pulag even as there was a storm, so we went anyway knowing that mountain weather has a mind of its own. We made it to Baguio then to the Pinkanjo where we had breakfast, but a few meters from it, we encountered landlides; we turned back to go to Baguio, but there was already another landslide. So we were stuck at Pinkanjo for a few hours. The highlight of the trip became: (1) a fun game of Hi Jack! to kill time, (2) a tasty morsel of python cooked adobo-style after it was caught and killed in a tree beside Pinkanjo. When they cut open the python, it had a whole chicken in its tummy!

Tristan's 10th Mt. Pulag Adventure: 6th for 
Oct. 29-30, 2011
This was our wettest climb yet! We started with really the best weather on Saturday, that turned rainy come night time. On the way to the summit, visibility was poor at probably 10 meters. It was raining and wind was cold. No sunrise at the summit as we were enveloped by clouds, so most people stayed only briefly at the summit and promptly came back down. By 8AM we were back at the camp. Nevertheless, it was a great climb made fun by great company and happy dispositions. :)

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