The Itinerary

Our itinerary will usually be like this: Leave Manila on a Friday night, go up Mt. Pulag from Baguio on Saturday, summit on Sunday, back to Baguio by Sunday night, and back in Manila by early Monday morning. If you're coming from Baguio, we can meet you there too. See detailed itinerary below.

Day 00 (Friday)
2200 – ETD Bus from Manila to Baguio
0400 – ETA Baguio

Day 01 (Saturday)

0500 - 1000 ETD Baguio to Bokod, Benguet (Jeep)
1000 - 1030 Registration and Briefing at DENR Ambangeg
1030 - 1200 Ambangeg to Babadac Ranger Station (Jeep)
                    Sidestops: Daclan Hot Springs, Ambuklao Dam, Hanging Bridge
1200 - 1300 Lunch
1300            Set camp at Ranger Station
1800            Dinner, Overnight.

Day 02 (Sunday)

1200 - 1230 Wake-up call 
0100            ETD from Ranger Station to Summit (Hike)
0530 - 0700 Sunrise at Summit, Photo Ops
0730 - 1100 ETD to Ranger Station
1100 - 1200 Lunch at Ranger Station
1200 - 1330 ETD Ranger station to Ambangeg (Jeep)
1330 - 1700 ETD Ambangeg to Baguio (Jeep)
1700 - 2200 Dinner at Baguio (Personal Account)
2200            ETD from Baguio
0300            ETA Manila (Monday)

*Schedules are estimates only, and may be changed depending on the circumstances. Itineraries may also be changed as necessary and/or as advised by DENR superintendent.

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